Banjo musician Earl Scruggs dies aged 88

Pioneering banjo player Earl Scruggs, who is accredited with serving create modern country music, has died aged 88. Scruggs rose to prominence at what time Bill Monroe hired him to play in the Blue Grass Boys, one of the important groups in the bluegrass musical genre. His inventive method can be heard on the subject tune to the 1962 sequence The Beverly Hillbillies.
They finally disbanded, and a rift grew between the two musicians, although they were inducted mutually in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1985. A grand part of American music owes a debt to Earl Scruggs. Scruggs later teamed up with Lester Flatt to form the Foggy Mountain Boys, also known as Flatt and Scruggs. In 1992, Scruggs was among 13 recipients of a National Medal of Art.

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