Grandmother gene: Higher birth weight

According to Scientists gene dissimilarity could give up to a child's birth weight. The gene considered is supposed to take action as a growth suppressor, reducing birth weight. The gene is already known to have a profound effect on birth weight by acting as a growth suppressor. Professor Gudrun Moore of University College London and colleagues looked at a gene called PHLDA2 in nearly 9,500 DNA samples taken from mothers and their babies, composed in three divide studies. 
Dad's lack of participation in evolutionary terms may stem from his own survival not being at stake and he can continue to replicate with further females. The RS1 difference was found in around 13% of the persons deliberate, with 87% possessing the RS2 disparity. The fact is that scientists do not be acquainted with why, but have speculated that it is to make sure birth weight is reduced to ensure the mother survives childbirth.

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