James Cameron gets prepared to jump to the Mariana Trench

Hollywood director James Cameron can be close to making a dive to the deepest place on Earth. Mr. Cameron and his team have put sail to arrive at the ditch and are now waiting for an obvious stretch of weather to begin the dive. The team is doing everything they can to create the associate as secure as they possibly can except the climate is out of their control.
Australian engineer Ron Allum, who co-designed the sub with Mr. Cameron, is a specialist at creating rigs that join hi-tech cameras to submersibles. Still the life-support scheme has a dramatic linkage: its project manager John Garvin spent years playing the lead in the hit melodic Buddy.  Mr. Cameron and his team have spent the last few days in Guam, docked at the port, re-supplying the ship that has been their home for the last few months.

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