Mercury poles: hints of water frost

A NASA spaceship has found additional tantalizing evidence for the existence of water ice at Mercury's poles. The researchers superimposed explanation of radar bright patches by the Arecibo Observatory on the latest photos of Mercury's poles taken by the MDIS imaging tool aboard Messenger. Near Mercury's North Pole such deposits are also seen only in shadowed regions, results reliable with the water-ice premise.
Previous work has revealed patches near Mercury's poles that strongly reflect radar a characteristic of ice .The new data from Messenger is strengthening the proof that there is some sort of unstable there, and water-ice seems quite likely. The most attractive interpretation of the radar observations is that they were due to water ice.Sulphur had been projected, there had also been some suggestion it was unevenness though there was no reason craters at the poles should be rougher than those at low latitudes.

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