First foreign-made commercial satellite launched by Japan

Japan has fulfilled its initial successful commercial launch of a foreign-made satellite. On Friday, the H-2A rocket blasted off from the space centre on Tanegashima Island at 1:39 am. Officials opinion is that one of the Japanese satellites, the Shinjuku, would be used for monitoring global ocean currents and the other two smaller satellites were experimental models. 
H-2A was the 21st launch of the H-2A rocket developed by Jaxa, which is supposedly functioning on a next invention H-3 rocket. The South Korean satellite estranged from the rocket 16 minutes after launch, followed by three Japanese satellites. Japan faces challenges in terms of both price and capacity. While MHI has cut costs considerably, the yen’s go up to record highs against the dollar in 2011 has more than offset those gains.

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