Huawei seeks EU action against Inter Digital patent fee dispute

China's Huawei has filed an opposition complaint against US firm Inter Digital with European commission. Huawei filed a complaint with the European Commission after weakening to attain a contract with the wireless technology patent holder, making it the latest corporation to take a patent criticism to the EU regulator. In January the EU's executive stepped into the patent war when it opened a search into world No.1 smart phone maker Samsung Electronics associated to its patent disputes with Apple.

InterDigital, which is based in Philadelphia, owns more than 19,500 mobile connections patents and patent applications. Below policies set by the European Telecommunications principles organization, companies must license standard-essential patents to rivals under fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. The opinion of Huawei is that InterDigital is looking for to leverage its declared 3G standard critical patents to force Huawei to conclude a discriminatory, unwarranted and abusive permit.

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