Michael Haneke: wins Cannes film festival top prize

Austrian director Michael Haneke has selected the Cannes pictures festival's top reward for the second time. Haneke's movie paying attention on an aged couple whose association is experienced when the wife suffers a sequence of strokes. The opinion of Cannes Ken Loach is that it’s about a handful of that populace who face a life through no factual place in society because at present there is so much joblessness.
The winners were exposed by the head of the panel of judges, Italian director Nanni Moretti, scheduled the final nighttime of the 12-day film festival. The luxurious reward, considered the competition's second place, was won by Matteo Garrone's Italian satire truth. The Angels' Share is a theatrical humor concerning a visit to a whisky distillery by a group of misfit young offenders who are stirred to change their lives.

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