Parents can control their child’s mobile phone with the help of SIM card

An innovative SIM card to help parents keep children from maltreatment and parents will be able to control their child's mobile phone thanks to a SIM card distantly managed from a processor. According to Simon Goff, founder and chairman of Bemilo it's a SIM that is just like any other SIM you would obtain for any other network, but it enables parents to have full control in the circumstance of security.
To have the service, parents would have to to get a safety pack with a SIM card inside, set up it into the child's phone and use it on a pay-as-you-go basis. The service could help avoid mobile phone bullying and sexting when a child is subjected to unnecessary phone calls or texts. They can permit or prohibit certain associates to call them, and they can set the times of day the phone can activate.

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