Social game maker Zynga Unveils Farmville 2 game

Zynga has unveiled a development to its most successful video game to date. Farmville 2 builds on the original real-time agricultural simulation in the addition of 3D graphics which agree to players to view the world from different directions. At an event at the company’s San Francisco headquarters, Zynga showcased a number of recent and coming releases, as well as plans to open more of its system to third-party game producers as the company evolves to become a larger publisher of mobile and social games further than its own properties.

 According to Zynga, Atari had established it would now join its network with an as yet undisclosed game. Investors will hope it proves popular. The firm's stock has traded lower its flotation price since April because of fears of waning interest in its titles. Neil Doshi of Citigroup called the day’s announcements modestly helpful, but somewhat uneventful in a note to customers. Zynga is introducing The Ville on Wednesday as a house-based social game. It also showed off a new cooking game called Chef Ville that will launch on Face book and its own network sometime later this day.

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