Willow Glass:New ultra thin glass for next Mobile Phones

According to Mr.Dipak Chowdhury, head of Corning’s ultra-flexible thin-glass project, innovations with every passing day and what willow glass revealed is astounding as it could be the base of your next smart phone. It’s seriously built like paper and behaves just like that.If you take glass as thick as a business card, it’s not flexible. Think about the same business card and make it seven times thinner it works like paper.
Ordinary displays in notebooks or smartphones are made of glass sandwiches, usually three sheets of the stuff measuring a bare 0.7 or 0.5 millimeters in thickness. At 0.1 millimeters thin, Corning’s brand new Willow glass is as thin as the finest human hair and will makes those smartphone sandwiches as much as 7 times thinner.Display giant Dai Nippon Printing Co will demonstrate touch sensors and color filters two essential components for modern smartphones printed onto Willow Glass.

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