Face book "likes"Fake users hurts

According to a study, companies are wasting large sums of money on adverts to gain likes from Face book members who have no real interest in their products. The opinion of the security expert has said some of the profiles appeared to be fakes run by computer programs to spread spam. The vast majority of Face book’s revenues come from advertising and its performance will be scrutinized when it releases its financial results on 26 July - the first such report since its flotation.
Likes are highly valued by many leading brands marketing departments. Graham Cluley of the security firm Sophos said that Spammers and malware authors can mass-produce false Face book profiles to help them extend dangerous links and spam, and trick people into befriending them. All of these companies have access to Face book’s analytics which allow them to see the identities of people who have liked their pages, yet this has not been flagged as an issue.

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