Researches Says Antarctic rift: speeding ice thaw

According to researchers, a rift in the Antarctic rock as deep as the Grand Canyon is increasing ice melt from the continent. The panel writes in Nature journal that the gorge is bringing more warm sea water to the ice sheet, speeding up melt. The rift lies under the Ferrigno Ice Stream on a stretch of coast so far-off that it has only been visited once formerly.
A UK team establishes the Ferrigno rift using ice-penetrating radar, and showed it to be on 1.5km deep. The team towed ice-penetrating radar kit at the rear a snowmobile, traversing an overall of about 2,500km. A total melt of either piece would raise sea levels internationally by some metres.The scientists propose that throughout Ice Ages, when sea levels were much lower than at present, the rift would have channelled a major ice stream from side to side.

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