FIRA RoboWorld Cup: Robots compete in their own games

London may be host to the Olympics and Paralympics but Bristol is the position to be if you are an athletic robot. This is the primary time that the occasion has been hosted in the UK and organizers state that they have had a record number of entries. Currently 26 teams from around the world are competing in the FIRA RoboWorld Cup. They are taking part in a variety of games, including football, basketball and weightlifting.
The central focus of the competition is football, but contest in other disciplines has also been strong. The weightlifting record is one of numerous expected to fall. Many of the robots compete in multiple sports. The organizer described them as decathletes somewhat than single-event specialists. The robots have moreover cracked a few world records along the way. Fun is at the heart of the competition but all entrants must watch one imperative law.

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