Study suggests: HRT reduces danger of heart attack

According to a study women who take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may cut their risk of heart problems. But experts are still careful about long-term safety risks. The division of Health advises women to just use it on a short-term basis. The study also found HRT is not linked with an increased risk of cancer but past studies have shown a relation. Safety concerns regarding the lasting use of the treatment have been debated by academics over the past decade.
HRT had appreciably reduced risk of death, heart failure, or heart attack, without any obvious increase of cancer, deep vein thrombosis or stroke. The women in the study were aged between 45-58 years old and lately menopausal those on treatment happening it soon after menopausal symptoms began. Still, they stressed that due to the potential time lag, longer time may be basic to take more definite conclusions.

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