Astonishing Robot race to fix damaged Fukushima nuclear plant

An amazing radiation-resistant robot aimed at cleaning up the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has unveiled by Japanese company Mitsubishi. In the same time other firms, among them Hitachi and Toshiba, have also rolled out their own remote-controlled bots recently. Now there is a race between the robots to fix damaged Fukushima nuclear plant.
In the 2011, the plant was damaged by the effect of earthquake and tsunami. Robots are previously functioning inside the plant; however none has been particularly designed for this kind of work. Toshiba says its robot has a wireless network that can be controlled in high radiation, looking for a high-quality signal when reception is weak. According to Jeremy Pitt, deputy head of the Intelligent Systems and Networks Group at Imperial College London, it was still a challenge for a remotely controlled machine to effectively replace humans in such harsh circumstances.

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