Amazing procedure 3D-printed buildings

An architect in Holland has exposed plans to 3D print buildings inspired by the Earth's landscape. The buildings are designed in the direction of resemble a giant mobius strip - a constant loop with only one side. Janjaap Ruijssenaars hopes to create the buildings, which he estimates will cost 4-5 million Euros all around the world. 
Mr Ruijssenaars is functioning with large-scale 3D printing expert Enrico Dini on the scheme. According to company's website, Mr Dini's industrial sized 3D printer uses sand and a special binding agent to create a marble like fabric stronger than cement. In traditional manufacture you have to make a mould of wood and you fill it with concrete and then you take out the wood, it’s a waste of time and power. In 3D, you can print what you desire it’s a more direct way of constructing.

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