Kids and Malicious computer code

Experts says,  children as young as 11 years old are writing malicious computer code to hack accounts on gaming sites and social networks. A report from antivirus group AVG detailed evidence of programs written to steal virtual money. The company supposed that children must be educated on coding rights and wrongs. The researchers found that many instances of malware targeting games popular with kids shared the same characteristics.
Many schools around the world are changing education programmers in schools to teach children to code, rather than merely to use, computers. In the UK, numerous after-school clubs have been set up and initiatives to get kids into programming have been backed by the likes of Google and Microsoft. Linda Sandvik is the co-founder of Code Club, an idea that teaches children aged nine and up how to code. The benefits from teaching children to code far outweighed any of the risks that were outlined in the AVG report.

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