Computex: Windows-Android Hybrids and phablets Instigate

A laptop running both Windows 8 and Android; a 6in smartphone and a hybrid mouse-touchpad are some of the devices to have been unveiled ahead of the launch of Computex. Other launches incorporated the first PCs to feature Intel's new processor, codenamed Haswell. It added that it believed tablet shipments would grow by 58.7% over the same period, putting them on course to overtake PCs by 2015.
The incident comes a week after researchers recommended PC sales were declining faster than had been thought. IDC predicted that shipments of personal computers including both desktops and laptops would fall by 7.8% over the course of 2013. The firm had previously forecast a 1.3% decline. Acer kicked off the announcements with reports of an 8.1in tablet capable of running the full Windows 8 operating system.

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