India’s Initial navigation satellite Launches Successfully

A thick bright blueish white light streaked up from the ground as the PSLV rocket zoomed up and disappeared into chunky dark clouds, on its voyage to ferry India's first navigational satellite into its space orbit on Monday night. India launches its initial fanatical navigation satellite from Sriharikota.
The first midnight launch of PSLV rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota, some 80 km from Chennai, was confirmed a success within few minutes by the scientists of ISRO.

India's old warhorse in space, PSLV, was on its most recent mission on Monday night to control the country's initial regional navigational satellite into space. This success also lands India into a special group of nations that own satellites which help navigation on the ground. The 1,425-kg IRNSS 1A satellite has a navigational payload and a ranging payload, which mutually give the users accurate information that helps vehicles find the way correctly.

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