Sony’s announcement: PlayStation 4 launch dates

Sony has announced the launch dates for its PlayStation 4 console. The next-generation games mechanism will become obtainable in North America on 15 November and Europe on 29 November. Its opponent Microsoft has only said that the Xbox One will go on sale some time the same month. Experts suggested that the most recent revelation might help gain the Japanese firm headlines, but that it would be software that eventually decided which company came out on top.
Rob Crossley, associate editor at the Computer and Video Games news site supposed that Sony has made unbelievable progress as it prepares to release the PS4, but the console still lacks a show-stopping exclusive game. Sony's press conference once again established the company has an enviably deep and meaningful connection with the indie developer community, but Sony executives will no doubt be feeling uneasy as the list of main Xbox One exclusive games continues to grow.

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