Tesco enters the tablet dispute with Hudl

The supermarket chain is confident that its shoppers will see the attractions of getting into the tablet diversion via a famous brand.  But what does the coming of the Hudl - for that is the name of the product the company is launching this morning - mean for the overall marketplace? What is instantaneously clear is that Tesco is taking its tablet very seriously. This looks an aggressive and sensibly high-spec offering. It runs the latest version of Android, has a 1.5 GHz computer, an HD screen and flexible storage. 
The 7in device looks at first vision like any other small Android tablet - the Tesco content is mostly hidden under a "T" logo at the bottom left. Consequently where will it fit into an increasingly aggressive market? The Hudl at £119.99 should compete well here - though it probably wants to be that cheap to make up for the fact that several consumers won't see it as a recognized electronics brand.

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