The Jolla - Ex-Nokia employees Smartphone

A team of ex-Nokia workers has released the first handset running on a new smart phone stage. The Jolla phone - marked Yol-la - is powered by open-source operating system Sailfish, but can run most apps intended for Google's Android platform. The corporation has paired with a major Finnish network, and hopes to set up a similar deal with a UK operator.
Industry analysts said Jolla faced a challenge in taking on a marketplace dominated by Google and Apple. Just 450 Jolla phones will be obtainable at launch on Wednesday evening, with the majority leaving to customers who have pre-ordered the device. According to the Co-founder Marc Dillon the phone's ethos was to provide a more open approach to how people used their mobiles, a contrast to the relatively closed systems used on the iPhone and, to a lesser extent, Android devices.

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