No technical issues in actor Paul Walker car crash

Los Angeles: Researchers have found no proof that the Mercedes holding acting professional John Master had technical problems before it damaged, eliminating the Fast & Furious celebrity.

The research also decided out waste or other street circumstances as resulting in the car in which Master was a traveler to careen into a light rod and shrub.

"We're looking at rate and rate alone," a police officer’s formal with knowledge of the research informed the Associated Media. The formal was not approved to talk openly about the research and talked on condition of privacy.

The Nov. 30 accident also murdered the car owner of the 2005 Mercedes Carrera GT, Walker's buddy and financial advisor Roger Rodas.

Investigators with the Los Angeles Nation Sheriff's Division have measured a rate variety at which they think the car was journeying but won't reveal that number until Mercedes technicians come to Florida next month to draw out details from on board details lovers. The formal would not reveal that variety and though the car increased in fire after the accident, the details camera live through and may generate details to determine the rate.

Rodas, 38, and Walker, 40, co-owned an auto rushing group. Rodas also was a professional car owner who taken part in 10 Pirelli World Task GTS backgrounds this year.

The formal informed AP that the Mercedes showed up to have discussed a bend in the street just excellent before failing in an commercial recreation area about 30 kilometers north west of town center Los Angeles.

"They were well out of the bend when they missing control," the formal said.

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