Yota Launches Phone with E-ink Second Screen

A Smartphone with two screens in which one uses e-ink technology and is always on has been launched. The Russian group Yota supposed the phone would go on sale online instantly in Austria, Russia, France, Spain and Germany. The Android-powered phone promises to expand battery life by transferring web pages and other applications to the e-ink screen. This smart phone will attractive to users fed up with drained batteries.

The phone has one LCD display, similar to those found on other smart phones, and a second e-ink screen which the company says lets users see the information they want without having to wake up the telephone. The typical user picks up and activates their smart phone more than 150 times a day, supposed Yota Devices chief executive Vlad Martynov. The YotaPhone is a determined concept and although it will be considered a gimmick by many we believe there is merit in the plan.

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