Main Key Areas to Give Attention to While Buying a Home

Looking for a new home can be exhilarating and annoying. You can help alleviate the frustration by paying close concentration to main key areas of the homes you're considering buying; it may save you money in the long run.

According to a study the main key areas in home inspection are electrical, foundation, plumbing, the attic, and landscaping.

In the case of home, the trees were causing micro-fractures in the cover in various locations of the home. As you walk through the house, 21 feet in and 30 feet deep, there's just too much root invasion and it's going to ruin their tile. Window maintenance is also very important. Most people don't recognize that there are natural cracks in a house.


Study says sometimes homeowners assume with newer homes that all will work just fine but that's often not the case. For example, A brand new house -- four years old but the electrical was all done incorrectly.


Another big area of concern is the plumbing. It's a region that you can't always spot as easily but it can create luxurious repairs if plumbing issues go either undetected or are not properly fixed.


According to the study, there should be a 12 inch barrier between the landscape and the home. Otherwise you run the risk of having the foundation break and affect the home. What happens is, as the landscape that is too close to the house is watered, the foundation and soil expand. Then, when no watering occurs, the base dries up and shrinks and this can cause it to crack.

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