High-Tech Sleeping sensor breaks through $1m on Kick starter

A 22-year-old British entrepreneur's new sleep-tracking kit has cracked $1.2m in its first week on Kick starter’s mass funding platform. James Proud launched his product, Sense, on 23 July through a goal of raising $100,000 within 30 days.  But it accepted the $1m-mark on Sunday, and has been estimate to raise more than $4m by the period's end.

Sense includes an orb that monitors the bedroom, a clip that attaches to the pillow, and a cell phone phone app. The equipment produces a distinctive score for the preceding night's sleep and aims to wake the owner up at the top point in their sleep cycle. 
It is due to ship in November and can be prepared in advance for $129. Apps such as Sleep Cycle, Sleepbot and Sleep master are already used by iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users to track their sleep using sensors built into the handsets. There are also professional hardware devices such as Aura, from the French firm Withings, and a $8,000 snore-stopping bed.

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