Vijay Mallya and Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner have much in common

They are both colourful, flashy and live life ‘king-size’. They enjoy the company of women and they do it in the open, without any inhibition. They are highly educated and believe in philanthropy. Their mantra – You can only keep what you have by giving it away – has seen them part with massive numbers for the society’s benefit… they are both self-made men and radiate larger-than-life bonhomie.
They both celebrate their excesses with booze and skimpily-clad girls. Vijay Mallya may not have had sex with over one thousand women, like Hefner did, but the ‘King of good times’ holds his own when it comes to being surrounded by bikini-clad girls, who are all at least half his age. Vijay Mallya is 60, while Hugh Hefner is in his 80s. They are in their twilight years, but their fixation with young women has not mellowed down. It’s not even as if they are sex-starved rats; both Mallya and Hefner have had more than their fair share of women.

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