Cotton making risk sinking in Malawi

49-year- old Gabriel Gondwa sits on a mat made of goat skin in Mfulanjobvu area in Balaka southern Malawi as he wipe up sweat from his forehead using a yellow handkerchief.

He is puzzled as he doesn’t know where to go with a heap of 50 cotton lint bales by his side to get better price to make profit as what buyers are offer to him is just too little.

Similarly Maria Alimenda 36 in Chief Tengani’s area in Nsanje, also southern Malawi sharing boundary with Mozambique is busy clearance her cotton ground to plant maize.

“I am not going to grow cotton again because it’s a loss making business,” said Alimenda adding that she had a lot of hopes of creation profit from her 20 bales of cotton she had harvested from her piece of land.

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