The Mauritian Girl, The Rape And The Rohypnol

The narrative of a Mauritian 18 year old girl allegedly raped following being fooled with a Rohypnol hold drink has already reached the ears of many as today morning. Of course what is an improved breaking gossip narrative to start a gossip based Monday morning in Mauritius. While this tale would have been “just another bullsh*t story” in Europe or still the USA, here in Mauritius, this small story is wisely motorized by a less recognized word among the population: Rohypnol or additional commonly recognized as Date Rape drug.
 Allow us first talk about the little story. Well it all in progress when a hot (I assume) 18 year old girl was enjoy in a nightclub at Flic en Flac yesterday. The story is receiving a lot of media reporting since the girl worried here is the grand-daughter of a very well recognized person. She wanted to enjoy some alcohol base cocktails (excluding those which she probably drank before this one). A fellow aiming to “abuse her” added some Rohypnol or GHB in her drink.

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