10 Somalis drown, six lost - UN

UNHCR said the first accident took place on early Saturday night when a smuggler’s boat, which departed on Friday from the Somali village of Marera, east of the northern port of Bosasso hauling 44 Somalis captized off the coast of Yemen’s Hadramout region, some 500 km east of Aden, forcing smugglers to push the passenger off board in deep waters.

“As smugglers began force people off board in deep sea off the coast of Yemen, the boat lost balance when the scared passengers all moved at the same time causing the boat to overturn,” the agency stated.

So far, seven bodies were improved and 3 are still missing while thirty-four passengers made it to shore near Rujehma, some 150 east of Mayfa’a reception centre, the statement said.

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