African MPs come together against climate change

climateThe discussion, which brings together 15 countries including five speakers, is also predictable to rally African countries to demand for an equitable post in the 2012 Climate Change Agreement.

The two-day meeting that kicked off Tuesday in Nairobi was formally opened by President Mwai Kibaki under the theme: ‘Towards a Common Position on Climate Justice and Equity.’

Kibaki implored the lawmakers to draft a common point that would act as the bargaining power in challenging the West against producing green house gases. “We need a greater dedication in fighting the green house gases, reducing carbon emissions through our policies and daily actions.”

He reiterated that parliamentarians’ actions should ‘not be a substance of choice but an obligation.’

“As a continent, we should be fully concerned in the climate debate and negotiations aimed at agreements to give us a fair and just deal that caters for our interests and needs.” His government, he said has put in place measures aimed at ensuring sustainable natural resource operation in order to reduce poverty and abate continued environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources.

Crucial issues deliberated on by the lawmakers, university dons and environmental experts consist of the role of lawmakers on climate change, legislative approaches, disputes and actions, economic impact of climate change and its implication on development.

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