Gambia: Civil society desire AU office removed

africaThe move came barely two weeks after President Yahya Jammeh threaten to effect any human rights activists who defend the rights of individuals in the West African state.

According to Dr Nana Tanko, executive director of Open Society Imitative for West Africa (OSIWA) the threats will not be taken lightly, adding that this is an issue that they will take up with African Union to move the offices of African Commission out of Banjul.

Dr Tanko said “this is intolerable, because of the threat on the livelihoods of the commission members; we do not expect a President of a democratic state to make such remarks.”

Buba Baldeh, former minister in the ousted Jawara regime said the condition in the Gambia is such that Civil Society has no chance of functioning. He added: “Issues like democracy, justice, the rule of law and human rights for the past fifteen years are nonexistent in the Gambia.

“All the institutions that would have guaranteed people and allow the Gambian state to function democratically and these institutions and instruments are being controlled directly by the director,” he said.

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