Mozambique gears for elections

MozambiqueApart from facing opposition from old rival party Renamo, Frelimo is expected to face another new party namely Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM).

MDM is a splinter party from Renamo. A Reuters report said Frelimo has ruled Mozambique since elections in 1994.

The country which is battling to put its economy back in shape, has under Guebuza introduced several developmental programmes which have won him favours.

Political analysts in the southern African country have predicted a win for Guebuza. "I think Guebuza will retain his presidential seat and his Frelimo will win a majority but not more than the two thirds that would allow it to change the constitution," political analyst Calton Cadeado said.

The presidential race during Wednesday’s elections is expected to be fought by three people namely Guebuza, Renamo head Afonso Dhlakama and MDM leader Davis Simango.

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