Poor Education May direct to Poor healthiness

Adults with a poor education are also likely to have poor health, a increasing body of evidence suggests. Study after study has definite the link, and now experts are zeroing in on the causes for it and what can be done.

"Persons with a higher education tend to have better jobs, and better income, better benefits," said David R. Williams, a professor of public health at the Harvard School of Public Health and staff manager for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Commission to put up a Healthier America.

Those benefits, he said, go beyond health benefits to comprise such other factors as having the leeway to take a day off or part of a day to see a doctor. People with higher levels of learning "tend to have more resources to cope with strain and life, to live in better neighborhoods," Williams said. They have stress, of course, but also more resources to cope with it , such as access to a health club to exercise away the stress , than do people with less education, he said.

Being better educated also means that a person is more likely to understand the world of modern medication, said Erik Angner, an assistant professor of philosophy and economics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who has researched the link between literacy and happiness.

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