Pyne tips choose on ETS before Copenhagen

The Coalition would have no reason to vote against the Government's climate change legislation ahead of the Copenhagen conference, provided the Government conventional opposition amendments, a senior Liberal says.

Frontbencher Christopher Pyne said the Coalition would regard improving the flawed emissions trading system legislation as a major win.

He predicted that the Coalition party room meeting on Sunday would overwhelmingly accept Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull's position of moving amendments to the Government legislation.

"If the Government accepted our amendments then we wouldn't have any reason to vote against the legislation," he said on the ABC's Q and A program tonight.

"If the Government accepts our amendments, then they would basically be accepting our position and I can't see any reason why we would vote against it before Copenhagen given that we have said if they recognize these amendments, they will have improved their flawed legislation.

"If that happens before Copenhagen, terrific. It means the combination will have had a successful outcome."

The Coalition has faced great difficulty in reaching a united position on the emissions trading scheme legislation, with constant internal bickering.

Mr Turnbull has told his party to back his climate stance or find a new leader.

A significant part of the Coalition wants any vote on the legislation delayed until after the United Nations climate change discussion in Copenhagen in December which will form a new global agreement to tackle climate change.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese tipped Mr Turnbull would accept a range of amendments.

"The test isn't whether they come up with amendments or not," he told Q and A.

"The test is whether those amendments are economically responsible, ie where's the money coming from, and whether they are environmentally credible or not.

"We will wait and see what the amendments are. They have had a long time to increase them. But the test is will they commit to a vote in the next four weeks of parliament."

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