'We're being held hostage by pirates'

paul-chandlerA British man being held by Somali pirates has spoken to a British television news broadcaster from aboard a container ship where they are being held hostage, according to the Press Association.

Paul Chandler, 59, from the county of Kent in south-east England, told ITV News the attack happened on Friday as he slept.

Chandler said: "I was off watch. I was asleep and men with guns came aboard. It was on Friday last week at 0230," PA reported.

Chandler's brother-in-law, Stephen Collett, has confirmed that it was his voice which was heard during the call.
Chandler said the couple was forced to sail towards Somalia after their boat was captured. He and wife Rachel were now being held "hostage" on a container ship called the Kota Wajah, he said.

His captors have not asked for a ransom, he said: "Not officially , they kept asking for money and took everything of value on the boat," PA reported.

Earlier, the British Ministry of Defence announced that the British Royal Navy had found the couple's empty yacht in the Indian Ocean.

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