Windows 7 strikes South Africa

windows_7Nyati added: “Windows 7 marks a leap forward in the efficiency and simplicity of computing , it really does make everyday tasks easier, and it allows people to get the most out of computers of all style and sizes.”

The new version of Windows is key for Microsoft for several reasons, reported. Among the features of Windows 7 are quick access to one’s favourite pictures, websites, songs and document and better

The report said Microsoft also announced the release of a new range of Windows phones, which it believes will further boost its growing presence in the local mobile sector. Among other features, the new phones provide greater usability, a better transactional browsing experience, and online back-up for personal data, pictures and videos.

The company expects its partners to have several new devices in different styles and at different price points available before the end of the year, said Colin Erasmus, the head of the Windows business at Microsoft South Africa.

“Microsoft is leading the charge to create experiences that transcend individual PC, notebook, television and phone screens to create a connected experience across each of these routes to the Web,” said Erasmus.

“The new line of Windows phones from is all about tapping into this connected experience through an easy-to-use interface, great browsing capabilities and access to valuable services.”

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