China's 'godmother' sentenced to 18 years, state media says

chongqingA court sentenced a Chinese crime boss known as the "godmother of the underworld" to 18 years in prison Tuesday, state-run media reported.

Xie Caiping "was convicted of organizing and leading a criminal organization, running gambling dens, illegal imprisonment, harboring people taking illegal narcotics and giving bribes to officials," the Xinhua news agency reported. She was also fined 1.02 million yuan (about $150,000).

Twenty-one others were given jail terms ranging from one to 13 years by Chongqing No. 5 Intermediate People's Court.

A massive crackdown, which began in China's Chongqing municipality in June, has implicated millionaires, gangsters, and even police officers. Known as dahei or combat triads, the campaign has put the spotlight on organized crime and how it has infested local bureaucracy and businesses through corruption, extortion, blackmail and violence.

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