Taliban claim 'tactical retreat' in Pakistan

pakistan_talibanThe Taliban in the militants' stronghold of South Waziristan are making a "tactical retreat" in response to a Pakistani military offensive, a spokesman said Wednesday.

The Taliban have been engaged in a guerilla war against the military since January 2009, according to Azam Tariq. The spokesman told a journalist that the Taliban leadership has suffered no casualties, and they were safe. He acknowledged, however, that the Taliban death toll reported by the military was accurate.

The Pakistani army attacked South Waziristan on October 17. The generals have since claimed to have killed dozens of Taliban militants and captured the hometown of militant leader Hakemullah Massoud.

According to a military press release, 30 militants were killed while eight officers were injured in another day of fierce fighting, which included street to street fighting in the South Waziristan town of Ladha.

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