Actor Charlie Sheen attacked wife after she asked for divorce

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It has emerged that the incident, which led to actor Charlie Sheen being in detention on Christmas day, had been triggered by his spouse asking him for a divorce. Charlie Sheen, 44, was arrested on 2 felonies and 1 misdemeanour after Brooke Mueller called cops.

As said by Radar Online, the 2 had sober minders, individuals employed to assist others with alcohol problems stay away from booze, with them in Aspen. But in spite of the presence of the sober minders, Sheen and Mueller both consumed alcohol, and after they went out to feast with their minders, they returned home and kept partying.

Mueller is said to have consumed lots of alcohol than Sheen did and they began to argue. "Brooke said to Charlie, 'I want a divorce'," Radar Online quoted a source close to the situation as saying. "She said she was leaving him for good," the resource revealed.

The source said Sheen became angry after Mueller demanded a divorce, and that was when he attacked her. Mueller now has a restraining order against Sheen because of the charges he faces.

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