Brazil needle boy has second operation

Current news updates, World current newsA 2-year-old Brazilian boy has undergone a second operation to remove sewing needles pushed into his body by his stepfather.

In a 3 hour operation, surgeons took out 14 needles piercing the boy's liver, bladder and intestines. 4 needles which had come perilously close to his heart and lungs were removed last week. One further operation is still required.
Current news updates, World current news

Stepfather Roberto Carlos Magalhaes said he had wanted to assassinate the boy.

He said he got the boy drunk on wine before inserting the needles, up to 3 times in a month, as a way of taking revenge on his wife. The latest operation comes after Mr Magalhaes, 30, and his lover Angelina Ribeiro dos Santos were formally charged with attempted murder.

X-rays exposed some 30 needles lodged all over the child's body. A few of them are considered harmless, but 2 needles close to the boy's spinal column will be taken out in a final operation next week, a hospital spokesperson said.

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