Philippines' Mayon Volcano to explode 'within days'

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The warning comes after 1000s of people were evacuated from their homes in central Albay province. Reports said about 85 % of the area's populace were now living in emergency shelters. A no-go zone established around Mayon volcano has also been expanded to 6 miles from the base.

The Philippines' military was policing the danger zone to make sure no one was left behind and no one tries to return. Experts have raised the alert level to 4 - which means an explosion is expected within the next few days.

The country's chief vulcanologist, Renato Solidum, said above 450 volcanic tremors had been detected over a 12-hour period on Saturday. He added that rumbling sounds had been heard at the volcano's base.

"What we’re preparing for is a hazardous eruption and a quick descent of pyroclastic ashflow," Mr Solidum told reporters.Mayon has erupted 48 times in recorded history, with the previous happening in 2006.

Nobody was killed in the explosion, but ash that settled on the mountain turned to mud during a typhoon 3 months later. The resulting mudslide killed some 1,000 villagers.

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