Queen dropped from Victoria’s criminal cases

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From New Year's Day, Victoria's legal system will experience a small but symbolic change - the removal of the Queen's name from criminal court cases.

From January 1, the criminal prosecutions will be made in the name of the Director of Public Prosecutions slightly than in the Queen's name, The Age newspaper said.

Victorian Attorney-General Mr. Rob Hulls says the move is "a further step to bring our legal system into the 21st century" that reflects Australia's independence from Britain.

In the year 2000, Victorian government introduced the term "senior counsel" as an alternative to the term "Queen's counsel", and dropped the requisite for new lawyers to swear allegiance to the Queen.

The move was also reliable with the Australia Act, passed by the federal parliament in the 1980s, that prevented the ruler from disallowing or suspending Australian laws and terminated the UK parliament's ability to legislate for Australia, Mr. Hulls said.

"Our justice system should be based on modern, accessible, coherent, understandable laws, rather than just tradition," Mr. Hulls said.

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