'Tree Man' says growths returning

Current news updates, World current newsThe Indonesian man known as 'Tree Man' is still combating the bark-like warts that cover his whole body. Dede Koswara underwent a surgery in August this year to remove the growths, which are believed to be an extreme case of the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.

Surprising images of Koswara's body first emerged in 2007 - his hands and his feet was worst affected by the scaly warts. Doctors were puzzled by him but eventually pinpointed the problem - he has a rare genetic condition that prevents his body fighting HPV.

During surgery this year over 6 kilogram’s of warts were removed from his body, giving him a few chances at a normal life. Instead of being hampered by his unrecognizable 'tree' hands, he was able to hold small objects and even go fishing.

His mother still helps him to bathe and eat.” Those that were removed are growing yet again and started to reappear after I returned home," Dede Koswara said from his home in West Java.

While it seems Koswara will always suffer from the aggressive warts, doctors believe with 2 operations a year, he must enjoy a better quality of life.

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