Australian city's hottest nighttime in 108 years

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SYDNEY – The Australian city of Melbourne has sweltered through its hottest night as 1902, with temperatures topping 34 °C (93 °F), meteorologists said Tuesday.

Millions tossed and turned in the overnight heat in Australia's 2nd city, with power cuts exacerbating the problem in a few areas and a few people even resorted to nocturnal trips to the beach to cool off.

"It is probably the most uncomfortable night I've ever had Down Under," said Mr. Andrew Jefferson of Ballarat, west of Melbourne, who emigrated from Britain in 2001.

1000s of homes were without power as electricity companies' equipment failed in the heat. The city was also hit by 100s of train cancellations on Monday, enraging commuters.

Meteorologists said previously this month that the last decade was the hottest on record in Australia.

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