Nearly 200 die in New Nigeria religious clashes

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New clashes among Christians and Muslims in the Nigerian city of Jos left nearly 200 dead, a senior Muslim priest and a paramedic said Tuesday.

State authorities placed the city below a 24-hour curfew and terrified residents reported gunshots and smoke billowing from various parts of the Plateau State capital in central Nigeria. All flights to the city were suspended, aviation sources said.

The fighting broke out at the weekend over the building of a new mosque. The Nigerian city of Jos has been a hotbed of sectarian tensions in recent years with 100s killed.

Most dead bodies from the latest clashes were taken to the city's central mosque, as said by its Balarabe Dawud. "We received 156 dead bodies this morning and another 36 this afternoon," Balarabe Dawud said.

He said at least 800 people had been injured, 90 of whom had been taken to military hospitals with serious injuries.

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