6 police, 1 civilian killed in Ciudad Juarez,Mexico shootout

http://news-updations.blogspot.com/CIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO - 6 police officers and 1 civilian were killed Friday in a shootout in Ciudad Juarez ( the most violent city in Mexico) , on the border with the U.S., a local police officer told AFP.

"There are 6 police and 1 civilian dead but there could be more," the officer said, requesting anonymity. Police came under fire as they attempted to stop a cavalcade of vehicles carrying alleged drug gang hitmen, he added.

The shootout occurred in the southeast of the notorious border city across from El Paso, TX where more than 2,660 people were killed previous year.

Two Republican senators on Monday proposed sending 3,000 further US National Guard soldiers to the border as drug-related violence has intensified across northern Mexico in recent weeks.

Over 22,700 people have died in suspected drug attacks as Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico launched a military crackdown on organized crime after taking office in late 2006.

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