Drunk teen driven a car: 7 were injured

http://news-updations.blogspot.com/A stolen car driven by a drunken 16 yr old collided with another car on the Victoria-New South Wales border, in southern NSW.

Police said the stolen Daewoo collided with a Nissan Navara on the corner of Pemberton, West Albury, at 7.20pm yesterday evening. The Nissan rotated more times & landed in the east-bound lane, while the Daewoo mounted a nature strip & stopped 50m from the collision.

A 20 yr old female passenger in the stolen car suffered serious spinal injuries & was admitted to the hospital in Melbourne, while a 15 yr old girl in the same car suffered some fractures & was also admitted to the hospital.

The 16 yr old male driver of the stolen car allegedly revisited a blood alcohol reading of 0.09 at the scene & was taken to the Albury hospital, where he is under guard, police said. The 4 residents of the Nissan Navara - a 21 & a 23 yr old man, a 16 yr old boy & girl were too suffered by cuts & shock.

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