Jobless Man Stabs 28 children at Kindergarten in China
BEIJING — A knife-wielding man wounded 28 children — most just 4 years old — and 3 adults Thursday at a kindergarten in eastern China, the second such violent attack at a Chinese school in as many days.

The 3 stabbings have been part of a series of school attacks in recent years, most blamed on people with personal grudges or suffering from mental illness, leading to calls for improved security. One sociologist said the attacks may happen in clusters, with 1 assailant triggering copycat attackers.

5 of the students injured Thursday were in critical condition in the hospital in Jiangsu province, said Zhu Guiming, an official with the propaganda department in Taixing city. Zhu said 2 teachers and a security guard at Zhongxin Kindergarten also were hurt in the attack, which happened in the early hours in the school day.

The suspect was identified as Xu Yuyuan, 47, who had been jobless as being fired from an insurance company in the year 2001, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

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