Researchers find the key of viral infection researchers have find the solution to how a prolific virus is able to reinfect individuals despite a strong immune response, maybe opening the way for vaccines to deadly pathogens including HIV & malaria.

"In essence, cytomegalovirus (CMV) is able to cutoff an affected cell's call for elimination. This allows CMV to beat this critical immune barrier during re-infection," explained Klaus Frueh, a senior scientist at the university.

CMV infection is severely affected babies and transplant patients. It is not cruelly affected the babies. The result of the study shows how the virus may be useful as a viral vaccine vector, which would hold genetic material from other pathogens into the body.

Most vaccine is used for one time, but the capability of CMV to reinfect could make it useful as a vector for vaccines to a number of diseases, including HIV, hepatitis C, malaria parasites & tuberculosis bacteria.

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